Four Things To Look For At Open Houses That Aren’t About The Actual House

When looking for a potential home to buy, it can be really easy to get caught up with the interior and physical features of homes on the market. There are plenty of things that might make a home perfect for your needs, or adversely might actually make the 'perfect' home not so great after all. Here are four things you should look out for when viewing houses for sale that might not have anything to do with actual physical aspects of a home.

1. Neighbors and the Neighborhood

While a house itself might be great, sizing up the area and who you might end up living around is important. Strike up a conversation with individuals in the street or at the open house that live in the neighborhood if you can, and ask them how they like the area. Most will be honest and you might gain some insight on the area.

2. Nearby Traffic

While it might be alright if a home is on a busier street, make note of this observation. Either come back at busier times of the week or look at traffic patterns online that might affect the area. If you are looking for a home in an urban environment, some homes might actually be located on major thoroughfares that might not be worth the hassle. Take note of any delays getting to and from an open house and if parking is tough to come by.

3. Light In and Around a Home

Most open houses will have all curtains and doors open to bring in as much light as possible. Be sure to note which way a home faces so you can determine where morning and afternoon light will hit. If a home is on a hill, this might be a factor that will cause a home to be damp or retain heat. The yard should be a factor as well, because extreme sunshine or too much shade can affect landscaping endeavors.

4. Privacy Concerns

While you might fall in love with a home, if windows face right into your neighbor's yard or their home's general eyesight, it might be a good idea to think about the importance of your privacy needs. Some neighborhoods have homes pretty cramped together and it might be hard to maintain a level of privacy. If your dream home feels on display, try to brainstorm if landscaping would help, or if a home is too on display for you to handle.

Actively thinking about all aspects of a home when you are at an open house is important. You might tend to focus on internal things about a home, when in reality, aspects the neighborhood and climate can make all of the difference. Try to take in the whole picture when viewing open houses for sale. There is more to homes than amenities and features within. Contact a realtor, like realty by Glyn Yuhas, for more help.